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Papa ron'z pizza

In my young age and still living with my parents, I spent the night outside the home like going to dinner together, hanging out together, we usually choose a restaurant as our place to stop.insert Img
The most favorite favorite restaurant for me is PAPA RON'Z PIZZA located in lhokseumawe city,
The employees here are very friendly, kind, not arrogant in serving their customers who are present.insert Img
Food menu here is also delicious as chicken penyet, chicken off, and others.
Even this restaurant also has desserts such as fries, dragonball, fried tempe, fried tofu, and others.insert Img
Drinks here are available a variety of juices, lemon tea, sweet tea, coffee sanget essentially many others.

플레이스Restaurant papa ron'z & pizza
인도네시아 아체 Lhokseumawe City, 록세우마웨
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